October 18, 2013

Packaging used for skin care products plays a crucial role in the sale of the products.  There are dozens of luxury beauty brands to choose from at your mall; and if you are not familiar with the brands offered on the shelves, you usually gravitate towards the line that is most aesthetically pleasing.  Aside from looks, skincare packaging also influences functionality and application options for the products they house.  Take for example airless skin care bottles which are the bottles of choice for the TwinLuxe ‘Shaving Skincare’ line.

the TwinLuxe 150ml airless bottle + pump

the TwinLuxe 150ml airless bottle + pump

Airless dispensers are the most expensive type of packaging available for skin care products due to the amount of components integrated in them as well as other reasons which we will discuss below.  Most brands don’t use them because that means production costs go up and profit margins go down.  However, with skin care formulations these days getting more complex and high-tech, especially in anti-aging products due to the use of very sensitive ingredients like plant stem cells, product protection is of utmost importance in skincare packaging.  Sophisticated formulas and ingredients tend to be more sensitive and need airtight / airless bottles to keep them fresh and from oxidizing.  Airless bottles eliminate contact with air after the fill process resulting in no drying out of formulas, no contamination, no discoloration, and longer shelf life after opening.

Now look at face creams packaged in jars with screw-on lids.  Once they are opened and used, the product invites a host of environmental contaminations.  So we question the use of jar / lid packaging in luxury skin care products, especially top-tier eye cream and anti-aging face treatments.

Another benefit of airless bottles is the pump mechanism which allows the user to accurately dispense the amount of product desired.  Not only do you get accurate dosing, 100% of the product is able to get dispensed as nothing is wasted inside the container.   Consumers find this very important as lots of product cannot be dispensed from the insides of plastic tubes or tottles (tube-like bottles) which translates into wasted money.

All of the above reasons are why TwinLuxe uses high-quality airless bottles for all our lotion-like products in the ‘Shaving Skincare’ range.  We pride ourselves in offering top-notch award-winning formulations protected in quality attractive packaging which, by the way, are designed by Marek Djordjevic, the exterior designer of the Rolls-Royce Phantom family of cars.

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