April 21, 2015

Fake Rolex watches and now fake anti-aging creams. Counterfeit products are an eye opener to all businesses and have recently invaded the beauty industry. Counterfeit skin care and cosmetics products are being produced in China and sold as authentic throughout China’s ecommerce market. And unfortunately, some are trickling over into the US markets. (more…)


March 25, 2015

Shaving with a razor really makes your skin look younger according to women. The new beauty craze adopted by many females these days is to shave their own faces. Their belief is that removing dead skin off the face with a manual razor allows the younger more vibrant skin layers to come forward giving one a much more smoother complexion with less wrinkles. (more…)


March 4, 2015

electric shaver and Manual Shaver
We at TwinLuxe prefer shaving with a manual razor such as a straight-edge or a Gillette Fusion cartridge razor because you get a closer shave. But not everyone is a fan of wet shaving. Some of you just like it plain and simple and shave with an electric razor. This blog is about general skincare, so why not offer tips for electric shavers? We shave with an electric razor sometimes and have some simple electric shaving tips for you who have sensitive skin and/or redness. (more…)


January 1, 2015

January 1st — a day of turning over a new leaf to try and self-improve oneself. I’m sure a lot of you reading this may neglect your skin every now and then so why not make 2015 a year filled with skincare and shaving resolutions! Here are a few that you may want to consider: (more…)


November 3, 2014

Aria_las_vegas-salon-spa-TwinLuxe-High-Rollers-Shave-TreatmentTwinLuxe is proud to announce the launch of the “High Roller Shave” service at The Spa & Salon at ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas!


This new luxury barber service is for the gentleman who wants to experience a modern shave as well as a high performance mini-facial in one sitting. All 8 products from the premium TwinLuxe ‘Shaving Skincare’ line are used in this treatment allowing for an accurate straight razor shave as well as a deep cleansing and hydrating facial treatment.


The treatment is an hour long pampering experience priced at $95. Book your High Roller Shave next time you are in Las Vegas! Call +1 702.590.9600 or +1 877.312.2742 for reservations.


October 19, 2014

Unless you shave with a double-edge safety or straight razor, we all know that replacing commercial blade cartridges can be costly over the years. Most guys replace their Fusion or Mach3 blades every week or two. The truth is you can get more life out from your razor blades if you just follow some simple cleansing tips post-shave. (more…)


September 23, 2014

TwinLuxe _booster-serum-shaving-skincare
TwinLuxe stands for the advancement in men’s wet shaving and skin care products as we are not bound by the traditions of old school English barbershop shaving rituals. We are here to advance them. The TwinLuxe Booster Serum is one such product where we have improved the everyday shaving experience. (more…)


February 25, 2014

If you happen to constantly nick yourself while shaving, experience redness from razor burn, or have an annoying itchy mosquito bite or a burning zit that just popped, the TwinLuxe Instant Rescue Gel is the perfect skin care healing product for you.  This soothing botanicals formulation fights irritation, calms and cools irritated skin to provide instant relief — use for any skin care or shaving emergencies.  Since our gel is an innovative product to hit the men’s grooming market, we often get asked — “Well…how do I use it?” (more…)


November 5, 2013

We get inundated daily with positive feedback about our men’s skin care line from customers all over the world.  Today we received an email from a patron based out of Grenada.  After reading it, we felt so proud in what we have accomplished so far for TwinLuxe that we wanted to share this inspiring email with you…


“Hello Hubert,


I had the opportunity of experiencing your shaving collections.  This is absolutely the best collection on the market.  I say this when comparing to centuries old shaving Establishments like Truefitt and Hill and Geo.F.Trumper along with other Distinguished Gentlemen’s products from Tuscany Italy. (more…)


October 28, 2013

Smiling young man washing his face at the basinThere are videos and articles posted all over the internet demonstrating the proper techniques on how to shave your face.  And there is a simple way to check if your wet shaving routine is up to par:  Splash and pat water onto your freshly shaven face and see if it stings or not (before applying any aftershave balm).


If you get any type of stinging facial sensation, it means your shaving routine and/or technique is flawed.  If you don’t encounter any stinging sensations … Congratulations!  You are one of the few!


Most men, however, will find that their face stings after this simple test.  A properly executed close encounter with your blade should result in no irritation at all.  So what do I do if my face stings? (more…)