April 21, 2015

Fake Rolex watches and now fake anti-aging creams. Counterfeit products are an eye opener to all businesses and have recently invaded the beauty industry. Counterfeit skin care and cosmetics products are being produced in China and sold as authentic throughout China’s ecommerce market. And unfortunately, some are trickling over into the US markets. (more…)


March 25, 2015

Shaving with a razor really makes your skin look younger according to women. The new beauty craze adopted by many females these days is to shave their own faces. Their belief is that removing dead skin off the face with a manual razor allows the younger more vibrant skin layers to come forward giving one a much more smoother complexion with less wrinkles. (more…)


January 1, 2015

January 1st — a day of turning over a new leaf to try and self-improve oneself. I’m sure a lot of you reading this may neglect your skin every now and then so why not make 2015 a year filled with skincare and shaving resolutions! Here are a few that you may want to consider: (more…)


December 10, 2014

We all wash our face everyday but which is better to use – steaming hot or freezing cold water? The answer is neither. We at TwinLuxe recommend using lukewarm water.
Washing your face with steaming hot water may scald and dry your skin and strip away natural oils necessary for healthy, glowing skin. This then leads to irritated skin and possible flare ups, especially for those who suffer from rosacea. (more…)


November 18, 2014



Record low temperatures in the South and the East have been set this week because of the Arctic polar air invasion. So how does this drastic change to freezing cold weather affect your skin? It becomes drier and more sensitive. (more…)


October 28, 2014

One of the core ideas of the TwinLuxe philosophy is to have multi-functional products. With the TwinLuxe ‘Shaving Skincare’ line, we’ve designed and formulated every single skincare product to have a minimum dual-purpose function, letting our customers save money by buying 1 product to achieve 2 or 3 different results. A perfect example (more…)


September 23, 2014

TwinLuxe _booster-serum-shaving-skincare
TwinLuxe stands for the advancement in men’s wet shaving and skin care products as we are not bound by the traditions of old school English barbershop shaving rituals. We are here to advance them. The TwinLuxe Booster Serum is one such product where we have improved the everyday shaving experience. (more…)


September 16, 2014

benefits of juicing
Juicing is gaining popularity and has become a vital part of many people’s daily dietary habits. It’s a great way to get your essential vitamins, enzymes, and minerals from fruits and vegetables, and especially even more so if you’re one to avoid eating greens and fruits. Juicing helps your body absorb micronutrients so you receive most of the nutrition rather than having most of it going down the toilet. Besides healthier skin, juicing can help increase your energy, clean your (more…)


September 2, 2014

Tired of acne breakouts and popping zits? Acne is a chronic, stubborn problem for many people. TwinLuxe co-founder Anthony Tsai has endured a life-long struggle with acne and has finally figured out a winning recipe for minimizing and avoiding breakouts. He has done no scientific studies to support his below tips but does have 20+ years of (more…)


August 28, 2014

A great skin care routine should also be accompanied by a healthy skin care diet. What’s the point of using TwinLuxe ‘Shaving Skincare’ products when you are gobbling down fatty fried donuts and greasy double bacon cheeseburgers every day? Eating unhealthy leads to clogged arteries and weight gain as well as a bad skin complexion. Here are 5 foods we recommend you try and feast on that help promote skin health: (more…)