November 7, 2014

Going green and reducing your carbon footprint is a priority for many people these days, even for billionaires. Below are 3 supercar electric hybrids we at TwinLuxe love for their jaw dropping looks and extreme performance – the Porsche 918 Spyder, Ferrari LaFerrari, and BMW i8. (more…)


August 6, 2014

Many of our patrons are knowledgeable car enthusiasts and have asked us about the Ferrari pictured on the homepage banners. The two most commonly asked questions are: What modifications were done to the car, and why is it relevant to TwinLuxe?
The TwinLuxe Ferrari is based off a 2000 F360 Modena and was meticulously modified by CEO & Co-Founder (more…)


November 21, 2013

Here are three completely new luxury car models expected to hit the road in 2014.  We love the passion, performance, and design behind each vehicle.  Just like the TwinLuxe product line, these cars leave no detail untouched!


base €245,000 (USD$330,000)
Twin-turbocharged 6.6L V-12, 624 hp which is more powerful and quicker than the Ghost sedan. (more…)