October 28, 2013

Smiling young man washing his face at the basinThere are videos and articles posted all over the internet demonstrating the proper techniques on how to shave your face.  And there is a simple way to check if your wet shaving routine is up to par:  Splash and pat water onto your freshly shaven face and see if it stings or not (before applying any aftershave balm).


If you get any type of stinging facial sensation, it means your shaving routine and/or technique is flawed.  If you don’t encounter any stinging sensations … Congratulations!  You are one of the few!


Most men, however, will find that their face stings after this simple test.  A properly executed close encounter with your blade should result in no irritation at all.  So what do I do if my face stings?


First, check your shaving cream.  A shaving lubricant that does not provide enough protection against your razor may be the culprit.  We only recommend using slick and moisturizing shaving creams like the TwinLuxe Smooth Shave Cream.  Toss the shaving gels and foams away – they simply just are inferior to creams when it comes down to performance and protection.


Second, check your blade.  A dull blade may scrape and rip your skin leading to nicks and unwanted shaving redness.  If using a cartridge or double-edge safety razor, it may be time to replace the blade.  And if using a straight razor, you may want to whip out that strop.


Third, you may be using too much force during your passes.  Excessive pressure while gliding your blade through your beard may result in skin irritation.  Please remember to use shorter strokes when shaving around your chin area.


Better equipment and product do contribute to a perfect shave experience.  Consider using the TwinLuxe ‘Shaving Skincare’ line to help you achieve this!

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