November 21, 2013

Here are three completely new luxury car models expected to hit the road in 2014.  We love the passion, performance, and design behind each vehicle.  Just like the TwinLuxe product line, these cars leave no detail untouched!


base €245,000 (USD$330,000)
Twin-turbocharged 6.6L V-12, 624 hp which is more powerful and quicker than the Ghost sedan.  Everything is enormous about this car from its manhole-sized steering wheel and a car width of 76.7 inches which is overall wider than most mid-size SUVs.


base $65,000
A downsized and slightly evolved Quattroporte. Turbo-charged V-6, 404 hp.  Anyone considering buying a 4-dr Mercedes E-class or BMW 5-series should reconsider!


base $845,000
Plug-in hybrid with 2 electric motors – one for each axle.  4.6L V8 producing 887 hp / 590 lb-ft torque, with 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds!  And impressive ~ 34 mpg!

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