July 28, 2014

how-to-look-like-a-gentleman-3-simple-tipsMaking a first positive impression is everything these days in the business and personal worlds. The attractive lady you just met is already computing in her mind whether you are someone approachable or someone to avoid, and the business partner your friend just introduced you to is already asking himself if you’re trustworthy or not. All this happens in a flash. How you portray yourself is critical for all aspects of life. Attitude is one thing and looks are another. TwinLuxe is here to help you successfully conquer the latter, and here are 3 simple tips every man should follow to look like a million bucks:

1. Wear tailored clothes — Nice properly fit clothes makes a man appear sharp and stylish. A baggy suit just screams “I don’t care about my appearance.” Regardless of one’s weight or height, tailored pants and jackets that gracefully sculpt your body lines help make one appear more confident to others. Pay attention to the different styles and cuts of your favorite clothing brands.
2. Trim nose hairs & eyebrows — A well-groomed man is a sexy man to the opposite sex and a detail-oriented business partner to his colleagues. This simple tip of trimming nose hairs and eyebrows keeps your look clean. Hairs dangling out of your nose are visual distractions and detriments to anyone wanting to impress a blind date.
3. Cut your nails — This follows the same lines as above tip #2. Well-groomed also means clipping your nails. Because of stereotyping, long fingernails on a man look feminine. It also implies you are lazy or nonchalant about your appearance. Be sure to also clip your toenails. Long toenails while wearing slippers look very unattractive.
Following these 3 simple tips will help any man look more like a refined modern man. Pair that with TwinLuxe ‘Shaving Skincare‘ products, and look and feel your best.

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