August 6, 2014

Many of our patrons are knowledgeable car enthusiasts and have asked us about the Ferrari pictured on the homepage banners. The two most commonly asked questions are: What modifications were done to the car, and why is it relevant to TwinLuxe?
The TwinLuxe Ferrari is based off a 2000 F360 Modena and was meticulously modified by CEO & Co-Founder

Hubert Tsai during 2004 to 2006. Highlights of the car are that it sports a full Imola GT Body Kit done by P-Factor with a custom twin turbo conversion and tuned ECU by Classic Coach in Elizabeth, NJ. The end result is approximately an increase of 50% power and torque at the wheels over a stock F360 Modena: 512 hp, 348 ft/lb only on 5 psi boost!

Hubert wanted to personalize his Ferrari, improve its performance, and make it his own. It’s about customization and a “passionate pursuit of excellence”, which are also core philosophies of TwinLuxe. We believe our ‘Fine Shaving Instruments’ and our award-winning ‘Shaving Skincare’ products bring positive change to our patrons. We want to help them feel their best after using TwinLuxe products. This leads to higher confidence in achieving goals and aspirations, and most importantly feeling great about yourself.


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