December 10, 2014

We all wash our face everyday but which is better to use – steaming hot or freezing cold water? The answer is neither. We at TwinLuxe recommend using lukewarm water.
Washing your face with steaming hot water may scald and dry your skin and strip away natural oils necessary for healthy, glowing skin. This then leads to irritated skin and possible flare ups, especially for those who suffer from rosacea. However, the benefit of using hot water is it’s good for dissolving embedded sebum and dirt clogged in your pores. Imagine washing dirty dishes without any hot water? Hot water definitely helps break down grease and grime on soiled dishes.
Washing with freezing cold water is very uncomfortable – simple as that. Nevertheless, cold water does constrict blood vessels, close pores, and reduce swelling and appearance of undereye dark circles.
So what should we use – hot or cold water? We recommend using your gentle facial cleanser with lukewarm water to get the best of both worlds. The water will be warm enough to help dissolve sebum and dirt but not hot enough to strip your skin of natural oils. Afterwards, we recommend following with a quick splash of cold water to close pores.
Then pat dry with a soft towel. Be sure not to rub the towel on your face too hard as that may excessively exfoliate your skin and lead to redness and irritation. As the final step, spritz TwinLuxe Instant Energy Mist to cool and tone skin and to calm any redness.


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