March 4, 2015

electric shaver and Manual Shaver
We at TwinLuxe prefer shaving with a manual razor such as a straight-edge or a Gillette Fusion cartridge razor because you get a closer shave. But not everyone is a fan of wet shaving. Some of you just like it plain and simple and shave with an electric razor. This blog is about general skincare, so why not offer tips for electric shavers? We shave with an electric razor sometimes and have some simple electric shaving tips for you who have sensitive skin and/or redness.
1. Use your electric shaver when your skin is dry.
This is the most important tip of all. Unlike wet shaving where it’s mandatory to have wet skin, we feel for dry shaving with an electric razor, you get maximum performance when your face is not dry or moist.
So for example, if you shave in the morning after you take a shower, we recommend waiting 15 minutes after showering. This will ensure your face is completely dry. Electric shaving while your face is still moist or damp leads to excess friction between the rapidly moving blades and your skin. This excess friction leads to the blades minutely cutting your skin which results in redness. So brush your teeth, put on your clothes, do your hair, or eat breakfast before you shave. Change the order of your morning routine so waiting 15 minutes doesn’t alter your schedule if you’re in a morning rush.
The proof that this tip actually works will be that not only will you notice redness dissipate, you also will feel your electric razor gliding more easily on a dry face and also more hair discarded after every shave than if you shaved right after you showered when your face was moist. And to your amazement, you’ll also hear more cutting noise during the shave too.
2. Make sure the battery of your electric razor is no less than 80% power.
Performance of your razor declines when the battery falls below 80%. The razor heads slow down a little, and your shave isn’t as close. Not only do you hear, but you’ll also feel the razor not cut your facial hair as cleanly when the battery isn’t at maximum power. The evidence is when you discard the trimmed hair down the sink. If you discard the hair after every shave, you will notice more hair discarded after a shave with full power than after a shave where the battery is 20%. So if you want a cleaner shave with less skin irritation, shave when your razor is at full power.
3. Replace your electric razor blades every year.
Knives become dull after use, so you have to maintain and sharpen them every so often. The same goes with electric razor blades. Dull blades don’t give you clean shaves and cause irritation and redness, so make sure you replace them yearly.
Follow these simple tips, and you’ll notice irritation and redness dissipate when shaving with an electric razor.

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