March 25, 2015

Shaving with a razor really makes your skin look younger according to women. The new beauty craze adopted by many females these days is to shave their own faces. Their belief is that removing dead skin off the face with a manual razor allows the younger more vibrant skin layers to come forward giving one a much more smoother complexion with less wrinkles.
Since men shave frequently or daily, they exfoliate their skin on a regular basis. Razors gliding down a rich moisturizing shave cream provides ample protection from razor burn and allows enough contact for the blade to gently lift away the dead skin cells. Using a facial scrub doesn’t exfoliate the skin as well and thoroughly as a blade does so women are turning to wet shaving as an answer to solve their anti-aging problems.
Note that women are not using electric razors to do this. Why? It’s probably because dry shaving with an electric shaver just makes skin more roughed up and counteracts the desired skin exfoliation. We are proponents of wet shaving as it’s just the superior way to get a closer shave, smoother skin, and an excuse to use our luxuriously rich skincare formulas.

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