April 21, 2015

Fake Rolex watches and now fake anti-aging creams. Counterfeit products are an eye opener to all businesses and have recently invaded the beauty industry. Counterfeit skin care and cosmetics products are being produced in China and sold as authentic throughout China’s ecommerce market. And unfortunately, some are trickling over into the US markets.
Recent independent tests conducted on Chinese ecommerce sites reveal that almost 50% of all prestige skin care products sold on Chinese websites are counterfeit. With intellectual property rights virtually unenforceable in China, it is not shocking that counterfeiters now make fake $150 anti-aging moisturizers.
Manufacturers of fake skincare products have even gone a step further to certify their counterfeits are authentic. They would ship the Chinese-produced fakes abroad and then import them back into China in order to obtain certification as “imported”. An imported label usually signifies higher quality and authenticity and so, commands a higher price than a counterfeit.
Fake skincare may have the same packaging however the formulas inside the products are not. An investigative report in China showed that some beauty masks being sold on WeChat, a mobile messaging service used widely in Asia, contained extremely high levels of glucocorticosteroids, 6000 times more than allowed that is safe under the law! Glucocorticosteroids are used in some skincare products only at very low concentrations for skin health.
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