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Sunscreen and Why You Should Use It!

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Trucker-driver-sunscreen-damage-28-yearsThis is an old topic but one of significance importance.  It’s a study that was released last year by Northwestern University and findings published in the New England Journal of Medicine about a 69 year-old male trucker (pictured below) who drove his truck for 28 years.


As you can see from the picture (photo credit: New England Journal of Medicine), the man’s left-side face is significantly more aged than his right-side.


Note that during his treks cross country hauling cargo, this man’s left-side face was exposed significantly more to sunshine while driving.  Photos like this make it very convincing that the left-side accelerated skin damage was a result of excessive UV sunray exposure as the trucker said he never used face sunscreen and his windows were not tinted. (more…)