August 13, 2014

We detailed the importance of using sunscreen in a previous post here. Everyone should be protecting themselves from the harsh sun. There are, however, certain suncreens that we want to alert our readers to — Spray-on Sunscreens. These are the ones usually found in metal bottles with a mist spray applicator. Why do many people use them? It’s because they are easy and fast to apply on with minimal mess involved. Their are risks involved though…

Consumer Reports has recently issued a warning for spray-on sunscreens to not be used on children. This is due to a number of reasons. First, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been conducting a safety study on these products since 2011. The results have not been released yet but we are pretty sure that it deals with the same health issues Consumer Reports is concerned with. When applying, children accidentally breathe in the spray mist particles. These chemicals are harmful to the lungs which increases the risk of developing lung cancer and asthma in children. Yes there are some precautions you can take if using these products. And those are to use them only in well-ventilated areas and to have your child hold his breath while spraying. Children can be fidgety and most of the time won’t be able to hold their breath long enough to evade the sunscreen. We recommend also that when using spray sunscreens for face protection, apply generously first onto the palms of your hands and then gently rub the liquid onto your face. Never spray directly onto face!
Other problems with spray-on sunscreens is that they are flammable. There have been some reports that these sprays catch on fire when close to an intense heat source like a bbq grill due to the slight alcohol composition. Another significant problem is that most people do not even spray enough sunscreen onto their bodies! The average person usually takes 1 or 2 seconds spraying on protection for each body limb. Studies show that proper application and coverage by these sun sprays require at least 5 seconds of concentrated spray per body limb. So when the average consumer thinks they are getting enough UVA/UVB protection by using these products, they really are not!
There are many precautions one has to take when using spray-on sunscreens. Use them with care and proper application. But if you want more adequate and comprehensive sun protection, stick with sunscreens in lotion form like our award-winning TwinLuxe Anti-Aging SPF Moisturizer. You can accurately tell where you have applied it on and you usually spend more time rubbing the lotion over your skin for proper coverage. Don’t forget that we pack our broad spectrum TwinLuxe sunscreen with the power of plant stem cells and a wrinkle filler to help keeping your skin looking its best.

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