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Your Nighttime Skin Care Routine

Monday, May 19th, 2014

nighttime-skin-care-routine-tips-men-womenTaking care of your skin right before you go to bed is just as important as tending to your skin care needs during your morning routine. Keep in mind that when you fall peacefully asleep for the next eight hours of your life, your skin has plenty of time to heal itself and absorb all the skincare nutrients that you smother on right before sleeping.

TwinLuxe recommends applying the Booster Serum and the Soothing Face Balm (alternate between these two products every other night) as the preferred nighttime skin care treatment, for men and women. These two products are packed with high performance moisturization and anti-inflammatory ingredients, which help repair and soothe skin leaving it ready to face whatever environmental factors it must overcome the next day.  You’ll notice that when you wash your face the next morning (more…)